How it all works:


As with lots of organic processes there is more work to do initially, but as time goes by less is required. We steam your place two to three times in the first two months to smash the incumbent weeds and their root systems. After this we are there every two to three months, depending on the climate. Joe will come and do the first steam so we know exactly what’s required and we charge $85 an hr for this first visit, this will include GST and travel.


After the initial steam we will then set up your own personal plan based on your exact requirements this will include six visits annually. Monthly payments allow you to spread the cost and enables us to steam our members area by area, making our service as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This also means we can usually avoid charging you for travel!


We will be sure to contact you the weekend before our visit through your preferred method call/text/email.

Also don’t forget that we clean as well, so if you have anything that needs a pick me up while Joe is there, we offer this to our members at a special rate. So let’s get cracking and be completely steaming at your place safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the rivers and critters!

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