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Steam Weeding

We are Completely Steaming and we are on a mission to rid the Wairarapa of nasty chemicals with our newfangled steam weeding machine. It uses high pressure steam to do everything round up does, with the added bonus that it’s safe around waterways and where children and animals play. Steam has no lasting negative ecological impacts, so safe for bees, butterflies and other little critters.

Alfresco Cleaning with Steam

Not only does our machine smash weeds it also obliterates grime and kills spores. If you need an effective, safe way to rid yourself of grimy BBQ’s, slimy decks, mossy walls and unsightly roofs but don’t want any harmful residues, give us a call and see how we can make cleaning easy and safe with our steam machine.

Why use steam?

Our patented weedtechnics machine uses high pressured steam, heated to 120 degrees, to explode the cell membrane and kill the weed. Because we are only using water, there are no harmful residues so it’s kind to the microbes and soil organisms that are essential to life. High pressure nozzles effectively channel steam onto the crowns of the weeds but has little effect and no lasting impact on the roots of your perennial crop, trees or vines, as the steam does not penetrate more than about 5mm into the soil. This makes it ideal for gardens, orchards, public spaces, parks, around rivers and waterways, grass verges, golfing greens and sports fields as well as your driveway.

Alfresco Steam Cleaning

At Home

Our steam is a viable solution for cleaning filthy BBQ’s, greasy engines, mossy decks or patio areas, pathways, dirty walls or lichen on your roof. We can clean the exterior of your house by dialing down the heat or we can strip the paint right off if that’s what you need, as our steam machine can prep your wooden surface ready for painting, no chemicals required.

On the farm

Our Steam sterilises so is perfect for cleaning down pens before and after calving, sterilising chicken coops to get rid of mites and cleaning out tanks between uses as well as degreasing all your farm machinery. Get in touch to see what farm solutions we can tailor for you.

Out and about

In addition to offering chemical free weeding solutions to public spaces we can also remove graffiti and unsightly oil stains, clean up walls and paths and remove lichen from signs. Because the steam kills the spores, lichen and moss are safely removed for some time without any harsh residues.

Residential weed management service 

If you are looking for organic weed annihilation at your place we offer a hassle free ongoing service, let us take the worry of weeds out of your hands with our Completely Steaming weed management program, you pay a monthly subscription and we will take care of the rest.

Frequently asked questions

Will steam damage my trees?

No, the steam is effective on smaller green plants only and safe to use around shrubs, trees and desirable plants.

Does steam work on all weeds?
No. Outcomes will vary depending on the plant. Large woody weeds like gorse are too established for the steamer and will need to be pulled or dug out. Weeds that have been there a while and have strong root systems can need two to three initial steams to eradicate. We have not found any soft wooded annual or perennial weed that is resistant to a good dose of our saturated steam and boiling water, however there are many variable factors to consider when we help you design your weed management strategy. For example, are the weeds annuals or perennials, what stage in the growth cycle is the weed, do they have deep rhizomes, bulbs or corms? Treated at the right time annuals can be eradicated after one treatment and perennials such as, Bermuda grass (couch) Kikuyu, Dandelions require a programmed approach.
How often do you need to steam weeds?
Initially when we take on a property the weeds will need to be steamed two and sometimes three times over the first eight weeks. Every property is different however, weeds growing in a courtyard situation die back quicker than bushier weeds in a driveway for example. One we have got them under control a manianance steam is required every two to three months depending on the time of year and climate.
How does your weed management program work?
We come and assess the property and give it an initial steam, we then keep an eye and hit the weeds a second time around three weeks later. We charge for the initial visits at an hourly rate. After this maintenance steams are required every two to three months (climate dependant) and we offer this as an ongoing service with a monthly subscription which is based on your personalised weed management program. We automatically come and steam the weeds, you don’t even need to think about it. This also enables us to group all our customers geographically so we don’t have to charge for travel, making steam a more cost effective solution for you.
Does steam kill worms and other beneficial organisms?
Earthworms tend to be found lower down in the soil profile, unless there are very wet surface conditions. Our observation is that the destroyed weeds quickly become detritus providing food for a rapid repopulation of soil organisms which can help build a humus layer in your soil.
Is steam cheaper than chemicals?
Steaming takes longer and requires more applications than chemicals so no, it’s not cheaper. However the more you do it the frequency of steam will begin to become less and less which is the exact opposite of what happens with chemical applications. So long term it becomes cheaper, plus you have the peace of mind that you are leaving the planet better than you found it!

Who we are

Joe Ryan and Claire Wells are Completely Steaming and we are passionate about offering our community a viable alternative to chemicals and restoring the beneficial critters. We live on our patch of dirt in Gladstone with our agglomeration of offspring and animals trying to do better for our planet and growing our chemical free empire.

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